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Managing & configuring the Foldr iOS app with MDM

As well as being available on the App Store, the Foldr iOS app can be obtained through the Apple VPP store and delivered to your iOS devices using a compatible Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution using Managed Distribution.  As well as deploying the app en-masse, an administrator is also able to preconfigure the app mode, set various app settings and enforce security settings as appropriate.

Supported MDM solutions

An MDM solution that supports Managed App Configuration provides the ability to configure third party apps, such as Foldr.  The following solutions offer this functionality – this list is not exhaustive.

AirWatch – instructions
Lightspeed Systems Mobile Manager – instructions
The Casper Suite – instructions
Microsoft Intune – instructions
Apple Profile Manager – instructions
Meraki Systems Manager – instructions
ZuluDesk – instructions
MobileIron EMM
SOTI MobiControl

Property Lists

Apple devices use specially formatted XML files, known as Property Lists or ‘plists’, to store their settings. You can find more information on Property Lists here.

If you have no experience with XML or plist files, the format can look somewhat daunting at first but they’re actually fairly simple to work with.  An example plist file for the Foldr iOS app is shown below, this should be configured as required and imported into your MDM solution:

Example plist file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
 <plist version="1.0">
 <false />
 <false />
 <false />
 <false />

Configurable settings

The plist file consists of a list of settings, each followed by a value. Some settings also specify a type for their value. The settings which you can configure are:

Setting Value Effect
appMode integer set to either 0 or 1 Specifies whether the app runs in shared or personal mode. 0 is shared and 1 is personal. Not specifying this key allows the user to choose a mode to run in.
serverURL string The address of your Foldr server i.e.
disableCertificatePrompts boolean set to either true or false Specifies whether the app should suppress invalid / untrusted SSL certificate prompts.  By default, the app will present the user with a pop up warning that the server is unverified when using the self-signed or other untrusted certificate.
requirePIN boolean set to either true or false Specifies that the user MUST set a pin code on their Foldr app.
requirePassword boolean set to either true or false Specifies that a user MUST set a complex password on their Foldr app.  Note that this overrides requirePIN.
requireSecurityOnWake boolean set to either true or false Requires that the user enter their pin/password whenever the app is brought to the foreground having been backgrounded.
maximumCache integer Specifies the amount on local storage on the iOS device that the app consume for caching purposes.

Accepted values are:
-1  = no limit

0  = no caching

Any other value higher than zero indicates the size in MB to be used for caching.
123 = 123MB

serverFixed boolean set to either true or false Specifies if the Foldr server address is enforced and cannot be changed by the user.
sharedTimeout integer set to number of minutes required Automatically logs the app out if there is no activity for a set  number of minutes. This option can only be used in Shared mode and the Foldr app must be backgrounded for this to function

Accepted values are: 0=no idle timeout (enforced) Any other value in minutes.

homeShowShares boolean set to either true or false Automatically shows the shares list when logged in rather than My Files condensed & Bookmarks
webClient  string Determines how the Foldr app should deal with web shortcuts (.url, .website etc)

Accepted values:

foldr = Default behaviour.  The Foldr app will present the website using the built-in web client and display it in the standard file preview pane.

safari = Safari will be used to display the web resource

off = Disable loading web shortcuts
Any other value will be treated as off.

disableOfflineFiles boolean set to either true or false Removes the ability for a user to use the sync offline / make available offline feature in the app.  If set to false a user will still be able to use the feature.
quickAddLocked boolean set to either true or false If enabled, removes the ability for the user to configure or change the options that are offered through the Quick Add button.

Note that all fields are optional and may be removed from the plist as necessary.

Bundle ID

If the MDM solution being used requires the app’s bundle ID, this is as follows:


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