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Top of the class

Are your files scattered across different cloud services, storage devices and servers? Do you need a reliable app to give a unified view of your digital world? Look no further than Foldr. If you’re working on a class presentation in Google Drive but need to make last-minute edits in a Word document, Foldr can do that, making file management feel like magic – only better.

  • Streamline student hand-ins and deadlines
  • Collaborate and share resources with peers and students
  • Seamlessly embed folders into webpages
  • Rest easy knowing your data is secure
  • Stream video and audio files directly through Foldr
What is Foldr?

Technology turmoil to digital harmony

Disjointed digital systems make work more difficult. Foldr enables faster access and greater control of your files, no matter where they’re saved. Our powerful technology unifies your file estate so you can make meaningful progress on the things that matter.

Powerful Zenefits for the whole team

Beautifully simple

Unified file access from one portal, anywhere.

Easy Governance

Continuity for all, now and as you grow and evolve.

Peace of mind

Increase security of ALL of your files, centrally.

Unique to you

Custom experience unique to your business.

Powerful Automation

Create, share, and automate from a single interface.

Smarter Search

Streamline your file Search and find data quickly.

Seamless Collaboration

Enable productive hybrid work and collaborate with ease.

Instant Access

Access Foldr from anywhere with an internet connection.

Master Foldr in the Zen Zone

Foldr web app

Web App – Grid View

Foldr server update (Sept 2023) includes a new grid / gallery view for the web app. This allows larger…

Web App – Grid View

Foldr is reborn, welcome to File Zen

This past year has been an incredibly busy and productive one here at Foldr HQ. Many people reading this will…

Foldr is reborn, welcome to File Zen
Knowledge Base

‘Personal’ and ‘Shared’ modes

  Shared mode has been designed for pool devices, such as an iPad cart / trolley in an educational environment…

‘Personal’ and ‘Shared’ modes
Every journey begins with a single step

There can be many paths to a desired document. Let Foldr be your guide, wherever the destination...

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