Capture valuable insights

Extract meaningful data and gain insight from your documents with smart templating and intelligent processing.

  • No duplication or moving required
  • Powerful extraction and classification
  • Intuitive template designer
  • Seamless integration with MaSH for workflow and automation
  • Advanced Regular Expression engine
  • Compatible with Foldr’s mobile document scanner
Captur for
The Opportunity

From disparate documents to dependable data

Make confident, informed decisions about your business. Hidden inside your scans, invoices, orders, and forms are a treasure trove of information and insights just waiting to be discovered. Bring meaning to the mundane and transform your disorganised documents into accurate and accessible data.

No need to move or duplicate

Foldr speaks to a whole world of storage, so there’s no need for moving or duplication – your documents are processed in-place. Whether you’re dealing with spreadsheets, PDFs, or other file formats, Captur’s intuitive visual template designer means you can be processing and classifying your documents in no time.

No more hide and seek

Building complex search queries has never been easier with our visual query builder. Seamlessly search through ALL of your file content and custom field values using advanced operators, making finding important information a breeze. With the ability to drill down to find specific data, our technology ensures you get the results you need–fast.

The Platform

Process documents in-place

Captur for Foldr enables you to seamlessly extract, process, and effortlessly search through data contained in all of your documents, no matter where they’re stored. Captur connects with all on-premise and cloud storage locations performing all processing tasks in-place for the most efficient experience on the market.

Transform your document classification

Captur’s user-friendly template designer featuring intuitive drag-and-drop operations allows for zones that can be customised for free-text searches, regular expressions, or positional (box) based searches. No more complex document organisation as you easily classify files based on required zones.

Streamlined organisation

Enrich your documents with relevant metadata, providing valuable and accurate context for future reference. Populate custom fields with intelligent value conversion, smart date formatting, and advanced table support, eliminating the need for separate spreadsheets or documents, ensuring related data stays together.

Captur Template Editor
Every journey begins with a single step

There can be many paths to a desired document. Let Foldr be your guide, wherever the destination...

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