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Intuitively designed to speed up access to your all-important files through a single beautifully simple interface.

  • Instant access
  • Store, Search, Share
  • Make it yours
  • Powerful automation
  • Security and peace of mind
  • Easy governance
Increase your
The Opportunity

Less stress, more Zen

Forgotten files saved on servers, collaborative docs in the cloud, photos from clients and emails from suppliers – each with a different point of access and interface to learn. All this chaos comes at the cost of lost time, wasted resources and unnecessary stress. Foldr makes access a breeze, so your team will be less stressed, more productive and happier.

Get things done

Who said you couldn’t have it all? Say goodbye to endlessly searching for files and mind-numbingly clicking between applications and services. At Foldr, we believe simplicity is the key to productivity. Our platform seamlessly integrates with network file shares and cloud storage services, giving you instant access to all your documents in one convenient location.


Sharing files and folders securely with internal and external collaborators has never been simpler. Stay in the flow and collaborate with others without ever leaving the platform. Foldr enables multiple users to work on the same file simultaneously, encouraging collaboration and helping you stay connected and productive, regardless of location.

Enhance productivity

Time is precious. That’s why we automate your repetitive tasks and streamline your workflows, freeing you to focus on what matters most. Unlock your team’s productivity and become the Zen file master, you’ve always dreamed of.

Why choose
The Platform

Intuitive access at your fingertips

With our powerful technology at your fingertips, you can leverage your existing infrastructure to connect to your on-premise and cloud storage, enhance functionality, and provide valuable insights that boost the bottom line. Unlock potential with our powerful API and app framework, building unique solutions ​​that will set you apart from the competition.

We make things easy

We understand that every organisation has unique needs when it comes to software and applications. Don’t settle for off-the-shelf solutions that don’t quite fit. With Foldr, there’s no need to switch to a new app or platform. Our tool integrates with your existing infrastructure, so you can continue to use the tools you know and love.

We take security seriously

At Foldr, security and compliance are paramount. That’s why we take every precaution to ensure your data is always protected. Our platform is built with the latest end-to-end encryption technology, guaranteeing that your files are safe and secure.

No complicated set-up required

At Foldr, we believe that simplicity is key when it comes to accessing your files. That’s why our tool is designed to be effortless and user-friendly, with no complicated setup required. With Foldr, you can get up and running in no time. Gone are the days of frustrating installation you can have seamless file access with a click of a few buttons.

Features in

Unique to your brand

Why settle for a lacklustre login page? Elevate your team’s productivity and boost their cultural connection by adding custom branding to your home page. Take back control and provide brand governance over your file estate with the ultimate solution for accessing, finding, sharing and editing files.

  • Apply your unique branding for a custom experience
  • Users can reset their own credentials and, optionally, those of others with delegated permissions
  • Reduce helpdesk volume and increase user satisfaction
Every journey begins with a single step

There can be many paths to a desired document. Let Foldr be your guide, wherever the destination...

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