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Allow Non-Administrative Users to Install App Updates (Windows)

Foldr for Windows v1.5.12 (August 2021) introduces ‘Admin Updates’, a new feature that allows a standard (non-administrative) Windows user to install Foldr app updates.

Enabling Admin Updates

This can be done either at time of install, by setting the corresponding registry key manually or from within the Foldr app itself.

To enable at time of installation, use the msiexec arguement ‘ADMIN_UPDATES=1’ for example:

msiexec /i FoldrSetup.msi /quiet /log install.log ADMIN_UPDATES=1

This will set the following registry key (which can be configured after installation) to 1.


When configured, Admin Updates are enabled and the user is unable to disable this from the app settings.  The button will be greyed out.  Similarly, if AdminUpdates is set to zero, the user will be unable to enable this feature inside the app settings UI.

More information on the available installation options and registry keys can be found here.  To use Group Policy to configure the appropriate registry keys, use the following KB article here.

To enable the Admin Updates feature from within the app, use the context (right-click) menu on the Foldr system tray icon.

Click the Advanced tab and then select Admin Updates.  Note that this button will only be selectable if the AdminUpdates registry key is unconfigured.

The user will be shown the Windows UAC (User Account Control) prompt which must be satisfied with suitable administrative credentials.  The user will then be prompted to make changes to the Registry, by clicking Yes.

When Admin Updates are enabled, non-administrative users will be able to check for and install app updates using the built-in update mechanism which can be initiated from the app’s context menu.  The app will periodically check for updates automatically and alert users if an update is available.

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