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Foldr for Android

Foldr for Android

Foldr 5.0.0 (21st November 2023)

  • Major improvements to search in the Android app. The app now supports the full web search UI, saved searches, query builder that is available in the web, desktop and iOS apps. Note – The Search feature must be enabled and configured on the orgranisation’s Foldr server before this can be used in the app
  • Improves the support bundle mechanism
  • New branding, logos & colours
  • Add support for additional languages
  • Add Refresh My Files feature
  • Update the sign-in screen
  • Fixes an issue with certificate manager
  • Add Refresh My Files feature
  • Update the sign-in screen
  • Additional fixes and improvements

Foldr 4.1.16 (1st December 2022)

  • Custom field support
  • Additional minor awbugfixes

Foldr 4.1.4 (13th August 2019)

  • Web sign-in support – support for third party MFA (Duo) and SSO solutions
  • Device approval support

Foldr 4.0.5 (30th March 2017)

  • Added support for importing shared files from more third party apps
  • Updated the ‘Share to…’ options to include Microsoft Office and other apps
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements

Foldr 4.0.4 (15th December 2016)

  • Fixes an issue where all compatible apps were not being displayed when using the share button.

Foldr 4.0.3 (9th November 2016)

  • Updated icons for Box cloud storage support
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