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Foldr System Updates

Software updates for the Foldr appliance (product and operating system) are delivered over the Internet and can be managed within Foldr Settings >> Appliance >> Updates or alternatively https://address_of_Foldr:5481 >> Updates.

A typical update takes several minutes to download and install, however this may take longer depending on the speed of your Internet connection.  Occasionally. larger feature updates are made available which will take longer to install (up to an hour), but it is important to allow the update process to complete gracefully.  Under no circumstances should you reboot/reset the appliance mid-update.  Please note, the appliance will always automatically restart when the update process completes.

If your network environment uses a proxy server to access the Internet this must be configured within Appliance >> Network >> HTTP Proxy.

It is recommended that you configure the appliance to automatically download and install updates, however, if preferred you can manually update during a routine maintenance window.  As we constantly push both OS security updates and product features/fixes, you should always endeavor to keep the system up to date.

NOTE – Foldr will not be able to update over the internet if any SSL/HTTPS inspection (web filter/firewall) is in use to inspect the update traffic.  This will cause the updates to fail a built-in digital signature validation check.

Foldr should be excluded from any HTTPS inspection process.  The update server address is and should be whitelisted as required.

Updating offline using an ISO

If the appliance cannot be excluded from HTTPS inspection, updates can be delivered offline via an ISO file.  Contact for more information.

Scheduling Updates

Update installation may be scheduled within Foldr Settings >> Appliance >> Updates >> Update Settings.  The server can also check but not install updates if preferred and an email notification will be sent to the nominated email address if Email settings are configured within Foldr Settings >> General >> Email.

Updating a Multi-Appliance Deployment

In a multi-appliance installation, the administrator needs to update all appliances involved in the cluster, including any client access systems so they are running the same release version.  It is recommended that you upgrade the infrastructure systems first, followed by the client access appliances, once the infrastructure/database services are running again after the update has completed and each has rebooted.  You can confirm that the database cluster is operational but checking wsrep_cluster_size returns the expected value within Foldr Settings >> Infrastructure >> Cluster) – Note – client access VMs are not part of the database cluster itself.

Infrastructure appliances should be updated in a staged manner to allow for the first cluster node (master) to start the cluster and other members of the cluster can then join once it has fully restarted after the update has completed.  As such it is recommended that you avoid using automatic updates using the same time to update all cluster members simultaneously.

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