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Getting started with Foldr for iOS

Once logged in, the interface defaults to the ‘Foldr’ view and will display a list of shared drive that are available to you. ‘My iPad/iPhone’ displays any files that have been saved to your device for offline viewing.

Foldr view


Navigate your way through and select a file by tapping it. A preview of that file will be displayed and a selection of controls will become available at the top right of the screen that are relevant for that file. Some controls, such as file sharing (fLinks) are configurable by your IT administrator and may be hidden from view.

Document preview


Action menu

With Foldr you can manage your files and folders as if you were on a PC. Tap the Action Menu to get started.


Take photos, shoot video and draw with Foldr’s creativity tools

Create a new folder and give it a name

Move or delete multiple files at a time

Change how files and folders are organised

Access our FAQ library

QuickAdd button



Create a new Web Shortcut

Embed internet links alongside your files
Launch the Whiteboard App
Create engaging and interactive documents and share them as pdf

Take a Photo or Video
Shoot photo and video straight to the network

Create PDF document from paperwork with the document scanner

TIP: Tap and hold the QuickAdd Button to quickly launch the camera


Every journey begins with a single step

There can be many paths to a desired document. Let Foldr be your guide, wherever the destination...

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