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Importing the Virtual Appliance into Parallels

Download the latest – Extract the zip file and move the two files contained within to a suitable location on the OS X computer.  Launch the Parallels Desktop application and select the Import Existing Virtual Machines button or File >> Open.

Browse to and select the Foldr.vmx file and the appliance will be imported into Parallels.  Once this has completed the appliance will be accessible from the Virtual Machines Directory.

Ignore the warning regarding Parallels being unable to determine OS type and continue.


IMPORTANT – You must change the default network adapter type within Parallels before Foldr will be able to connect to the network.

Click on the settings cog for the Foldr v4 appliance >> Network 1 >> Advanced >> Select Intel PRO ® 1000MT

To make a Parallels virtual machine to start automatically, follow the instructions shown here (

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