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Importing the Virtual Appliance into VMware ESXi

Download Foldr-latest.ova and save it locally on a workstation running the VMware vSphere client – contact support or your reseller for more information on how to obtain the latest OVA.

From the vSphere client, click **File >> Deploy OVF Template** and select the OVA file.  Proceed through the deployment wizard; the number of steps shown is dependent on whether you are connected to a vCenter management server or directly to an ESXi host.  Select a suitable Host and Datastore for the Foldr VM, and the Network that Foldr will connect to.  The Foldr virtual machine may be thin provisioned if preferred.

Choose ‘power on after deployment’ if desired or power the VM on manually once it has deployed.  Mid-way through the initial boot sequence you will have to agree to the EULA to proceed.
The v4 appliance ships with third party VMware Tools installed, you will be unable to update these using the VMware client.


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