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Importing the Virtual Appliance into Microsoft Hyper-V

Download and save it locally on your Windows server.  Contact Minnow IT support or your reseller for more information on how to obtain the latest version.

Extract the contents of the zip and move the VHD file to a suitable location.  Using the Hyper-V Management console, create a new/blank Virtual Machine by right clicking on the host or using the Actions panel on the right of the screen.

Proceed through the wizard, selecting a suitable name and location for the Virtual Machine files; assign 2048MB of RAM and a valid network connection.  If using Server 2012, select ‘Generation 1’ during the wizard.  When you are presented with the ‘Connect Virtual Hard Disk’ screen, select ‘Use an existing virtual hard disk’ and browse to the VHD file from step 2.  Click Finish and allow the VM to be provisioned.  Please note that Legacy Network Adapters are not supported.

Power the VM on and connect to the console by right clicking on the VM and selecting ‘Connect’.  Mid-way through the initial boot sequence you will have to agree to the EULA to proceed.


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