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Mapping a network drive to Foldr on Windows or Mac OS X


Dedicated drive mapping apps for Windows and macOS are now available.

Windows drive mapping client is available here

macOS drive mapping app is available here

KB article for silent install / MSI options is available here


The following is deprecated / legacy information.

It is possible to map a network drive within Windows Explorer or macOS and connect to the WebDAV URL (https://address-of-foldr/drive) however this is now considered a deprecated / legacy connection method and should be avoided.


1.  A signed certificate must be installed to successfully map a network drive in all versions of Windows to map a drive over HTTPS / WebDAV

2.  ‘Other Clients‘ & ‘WebDAV‘ must be enabled within Foldr Settings >> Devices >> Configuration for Windows to map a drive.

In Windows use the ‘Map Network Drive’ option in Windows Explorer, rather than ‘Add a Network Place’

Mapping a drive in Windows from the command prompt or using a script

net use Z: \\\davWWWRoot\drive /user:username * /persistent:yes /y


net use Z: /user:username * /persistent:yes  /y

WebDAV performance may be sluggish on Windows Vista or Windows 7 clients – To improve performance disable ‘Automatically Detect Settings’ within Internet Explorer >> Internet Options >> Connections >> LAN Settings.

In Mac OS X you can use Finder with the CMD + K keyboard shortcut.  All configured shares will be presented under a single drive mapping.

When using the built-in WebDAV support in Mac OS X / Windows, the experience will vary hugely depending on the Operating System version and updates that are applied to it.  IMPORTANT – Dedicated third party drive mapping clients such are available for Windows and Mac which will provide a far superior, more reliable experience when mapping drives over HTTPS.

Two products that work well are WebDrive and Mountain Duck, however each is a paid for product that requires licensing – trials are available for each.  If you intend to use mapped drives on end user workstations it is recommended to always use a third party software to manage and auto-reconnect the drive.




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