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Saving / Exporting files to Foldr from other iOS apps

Any third party app that offers the export option to ‘Open in …‘ or ‘Import with Foldr‘ can upload files to Foldr and therefore to your network storage.  It is recommended to enable the ‘Save to Foldr‘ option on your device to gain access to the more advanced saving method available in iOS 10 / 11.  Click here for more information

The process is generally the same regardless of the particular app that is being used.

Open or select the file that you wish to upload > tap Export/Share > Open In Another App / Import with Foldr > Choose App > Foldr

At this point the Foldr app will now be brought into focus and if you are already logged in, you will be presented will a pop up dialog to either choose a destination or save to ‘My iPad/iPhone’.


As mentioned above, most iOS apps now support exporting files to Foldr using the advanced share extension, which is available as another export option labelled ‘Save to Foldr’.  Save to Foldr will be available when you tap the export / share button in the app that was used to create the document / file.

Please note that the extension ‘Save to Foldr’ must be enabled once on the device and is then available in all third party apps that support it.

To enable Save to Foldr, follow the steps in the following KB article

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