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Server Sent Events (SSE)

Foldr server update v7.0.0.0 (August 2023) includes a new feature called Server Sent Events (SSE). SSE allows the Foldr server to push changes to Foldr clients in real-time.

At the time of writing this article, these updates are only available to Foldr web and macOS app users, however support for SSE will come to the Windows desktop and mobile apps in future client app updates.

SSE is a feature that must be enabled and configured by the Foldr administrator on a per app basis before it can be used by clients.

One benefit of using SSE is that the Foldr server can push updates (new folder creation, delete or file creation events) to other Foldr users in real time without the user having to manually refresh their browser/app to see the latest files on the storage being accessed. As a user makes changes in an SMB share for example, other Foldr users that are currently within that share/folder will see changes take place automatically (and instantly) without having to refresh.

Enabling SSE (web app shown as an example)

1. Sign into the Foldr Settings admin portal at https://address-of-foldr:30537/settings using the fadmin or delegated admin account.

2. Click Devices & Clients > Web & Other
Select macOS tab if enabling for Mac clients.

3. Enable the toggle labelled Server Sent Events

4.  Click Save Changes

To enable Server Sent Events for other clients (when supported), the admin would enable the same toggle on the relavant tab – Windows, macOS etc.

SSE is now enabled, when users sign into the Foldr web app they should now see a new icon showing that SSE is connected and running as shown below:

In the macOS app, the status of SSE can be seen in the menu bar Foldr icon (green = connected)

Limitations of SSE

Server Sent Events do not work when accessing Foldr via a reverse proxy service.

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