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Domain Requires Strong Authentication

When running the Test Settings function within Foldr Settings, authentication may fail with the following error:

“Your domain requires strong authentication, consider using LDAPS.”


This is due to LDAP Signing being required on the Windows Domain Controller (DC) and as a result it rejects the LDAP Simple Bind being sent by Foldr.  There are two solutions to this issue:

  1.  Disable the LDAP Signing requirement on the DC
  2.  Enable LDAPS on the DC to allow Foldr to connect using LDAP over SSL

To disable LDAP Signing:

  1. On the Domain Controller – Click Start > Run > gpedit.msc
  2. In the Group Policy Object Editor, select the relevant GPO (usually Default Domain Controllers Policy) >> Right Click >> Edit and navigate to the following section:
    Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options 
  3. Select the following entries:
  • Domain Controller: LDAP Server signing requirements.
  • Network security: LDAP Client signing requirements
  1. Set the above as follows:
  • Domain controller: LDAP server signing requirements = None (This is the default value)
  • Network security: LDAP client signing requirements = Negotiate  (This is the default value)


The recommended action in this scenario would be to leave the settings as-is and enable LDAPS on the Domain Controller to allow Foldr to securely authenticate using port 636.  Click here for more information


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