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Troubleshooting – Foldr drive could not be mounted

Occasionally you may see an error message reporting that Foldr was unable to mount the drive. The three most common causes of this are:-

1. The required pre-requisite Visual C++ runtime is not installed

Please see this page for links and instructions to install the required runtimes.

2. The file system driver is in an error state.

This can happen when Foldr for Windows has been uninstalled and reinstalled without restarting Windows.

To resolve this you should:-

Uninstall Foldr for Windows, Reboot and then Re-install.   Rebooting the computer between uninstall and re-install is vital.

If the app has been deployed via Group Policy, the driver could get into an error state if the administrator selects to remove the application as part of applying updates. Check out this page for detailed instructions on updating via Group Policy.

3.  Antivirus software is preventing the app from mounting the drive.  This has been found with Sophos antivirus and its ‘Peripheral Control’ feature if Foldr is trying to mount the drive in removable disk mode.  More information on resolving this issue can be found here

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