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Unable to mount Foldr drive / FUSE extension is blocked

There may be a situation where the Foldr drive does not mount on macOS and the operating system reports the FUSE extension has been blocked, or you are unable to approve the software (Kernel extension) for FUSE in System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

This can be caused by a bug in the macOS operating system where either the user is unable to see the ‘Allow’ button, or the allow button has been clicked but the Foldr app still reports the FUSE isn’t installed / approved.


Boot the Mac system into recovery mode, unapprove the Kernel extension for FUSE > then clear the extension cache and reinstall FUSE.

Step 1 – Boot into Recovery mode & unapprove the existing extension

Boot in recovery mode (hold cmd+r during system power on).  Open Terminal and enter the following:

# cd /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/
# ./usr/bin/sqlite3 ./private/var/db/SystemPolicyConfiguration/KextPolicy
sqlite3> SELECT * FROM kext_policy;

This will display all approved extensions.  Such as:

123456|com.github.osxfuse.filesystems.osxfuse|1|Benjamin Fleischer|1

Now enter the following to unapprove the FUSE extension:

sqlite3> DELETE FROM kext_policy WHERE team_id = '123456';
sqlite3> .exit

Reboot the machine.

Step 2 – Clear and invalidate the Kext cache

Firstly, ensure Foldr app is not running in the menu bar

Next, uninstall FUSE from System Preferences > FUSE > Remove
Now, open the macOS Terminal utility and enter:

sudo kextcache -invalidate /

sudo kextcache --clear-staging

Note- The first command may take a while to complete.

Step 3 – Reinstall the latest version of FUSE and approve the Kernel Extension

Download the latest stable release of FUSE from the following location and run the DMG installer:

At the last stage of the FUSE installer, and when prompted, open System Preferences and navigate to Security & Privacy click ALLOW.

Launch the Foldr app and the drive should mount successfully.

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