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Users are unable to connect to Foldr via WebDAV (Foldr Drive)

Troubleshooting steps for WebDAV (Foldr Drive) connectivity:

  •  Ensure that ‘Other Clients’ is enabled (Allow users to connect using Non-Foldr clients) within Foldr Settings >> Devices >> Configuration.
  •  Ensure users are connecting to the usual Foldr address appending /drive.  For example https://address_of_Foldr/drive
  •  Ensure the user’s Active Directory account (or security group) has access to Foldr Drive is enabled within Foldr Settings >> Security.  Note – The default built-in group ‘Foldr Users’ applies to all users.
  •  If using a dedicated WebDAV client, please enter /drive into the ‘path’ box.
  •  In Windows, ensure the ‘WebClient’ service is started / running.
  •  Some standalone WebDAV clients will fail to connect unless the ‘external hostname’ has been correctly configured within Foldr Settings >> Appliance.


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