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Foldr is reborn, welcome to File Zen

This past year has been an incredibly busy and productive one here at Foldr HQ. Many people reading this will already know that Foldr is the best way to access files and folders from multiple locations across multiple platforms. Some may also be aware of its incredibly powerful sharing features and functions. And now we’d like to make some noise about – or in some cases introduce you to – some of Foldr’s most powerful features yet.

What’s new at Foldr HQ?

You’ve probably already spotted the most obvious change – our new look and messaging. Foldr has had the same look and feel since we built version 4 way back in 2016. Foldr has come a long way since then and we felt it was high time to update our visuals. Working with our friends (and office neighbours) at EllisJames Creative we’ve developed new branding which puts Foldr’s ability to consolidate and calm your digital estate front and center. Welcome to File Zen.

At the heart of our bold new look is our beautiful new logo – an origami lotus flower (Folded/Foldr geddit?) As you’ll learn in the following paragraphs Foldr is now so much more than a simple file management solution and we think this new logo is the perfect fit for the plethora of new features and functions that Foldr now sports.

No mere Document Management Solution, this is Document Mastery

Since we released the very first edition of Foldr one of its core principles has been that of data provenance. Your files and folders belong to your organisation. As such they should stay with your organisation. Over time we’ve added the ability to present and work with storage from a plethora of providers – Office 365, Google Workspace, S3, on-premise SMB and a whole lot more – but one thing that hasn’t changed is where your data is stored. Because with Foldr it always has – and always will – stay exactly where you put it. You provide the storage, we provide the ability to access, edit, search and share.

Custom Fields List

Of course, ensuring your data provenance doesn’t mean that we can’t enhance it in numerous and powerful ways. One such method is Custom Fields. Custom Fields allow you to attach contextual metadata to any file – stored anywhere. Furthermore these fields can be used to trigger searches and automations… wait, did we say automations…?

MAke Stuff Happen with MaSH

We’re incredibly excited to announce the latest addition to Foldr, a fast, flexible and incredibly powerful automation engine which we’re calling MaSH (MAke Stuff Happen). Paired with Foldr’s file access and indexing systems MaSH provides an intuitive, easy to learn scripting engine and a powerful system of triggers and actions. With Foldr and MaSH you can build powerful workflows, streamlining business processes and automating complex tasks. You no longer need an Invoice approvals dashboard – you can do it right from your Finance folder. Need to automatically generate a documents pack and email it to a customer on receipt of a signature? MaSH makes this type of operation simple. If you can think of a process, with MaSH you can automate it.

MaSH Script Editor

Users can populate custom fields. MaSH automations can be driven by their contents. What if there were a way to populate them using the unstructured data in your files and documents…

Store, Captur, Search and Retrieve

With Captur you can super-charge Foldr’s content crawler to fill custom fields and more! Most machines don’t know an invoice number from a zip code but with Captur’s powerful templating and zonal OCR you can be capturing documents and processing their data in no time.

Captur Template Editor

What’s more, that data can be used to drive searches from a simple term or phrase to a complex query. Powerful pattern and regular expression matching are available at both capture and search and your Captured data is available immediately in your MaSH automations. Intelligent date recognition and formatting makes searching for documents by date a breeze – even if the date is inside the document content. With Captur and MaSH you can take your document-based business processes to a higher plane and discover the hidden value in your data and documents.

If you would like a demo of Captur and MaSH or want to try it for yourself then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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