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Make the most of Office 365 and become a productivity powerhouse with Foldr’s extensive integrations. Learn how Foldr and Office 365 can work together to make your cloud or hybrid-cloud files even more accessible and smooth your transition to cloud storage. Read on to find out more…

OneDrive, SharePoint – and Teams!

You may be aware that Foldr can present a user’s OneDrive alongside all of your existing on-premise storage and have it act as a regular file share. (Even in Explorer and Finder with our Windows and macOS apps.) Did you also know that you can present individual SharePoint sites in the same way? You did? Well in that case did you also know that Foldr can also present all of your Teams files? That’s right, we can make your Teams documents as accessible as all of your other files. Each Team gets its own folder which, as with everything else in Foldr behaves just like a normal file share!

Automated or Manual account linking – you decide

Users can link their Foldr accounts with a Microsoft account and then access all of their 365 files from within Foldr. Linking an account is a fairly straighforward process but if your organisation has an Office 365 domain which is synced with your Active Directory then you can take advantage of automated account linking. There’s more information on manual and automated account linking on our Knowledge Base.

Single Sign On done right

If you have an on-premise Active Directory that you’re syncing with Office 365 then you can make full use of Foldr’s powerful SSO features and provide Single Sign On and password management for Office 365 – without worrying about synchronising passwords. Take this a step further with Foldr’s kerberos support for truly password-less sign-ins to Microsoft (and any other SAML-compliant services) from your domain-bound machines. What’s more, all sign-ins are recorded in Foldr’s extensive activity logs providing you with an in-depth audit trail of user activity. Find out more about SSO here.

Edit in Office Online – from anywhere!

Once your Microsoft account is linked, Foldr gives you the ability to edit your Office 365 files (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) in Office Online – even from your desktop! But… with the Foldr web app you can also edit your on-premise files using Office Online and have them automatically saved back to your file servers. So even if you don’t have a local office suite installed you can still edit that important document without having to move it first.

Direct downloads

Our engineers have been hard at work squeezing all of the performance out of Microsoft’s APIs that they possibly can. Starting with Foldr server 4.10 clients can download files directly from Microsoft’s servers bypassing your Foldr appliance and saving bandwidth.

Universal search

Foldr will include results for your Office 365 files alongside your locally indexed documents. Search all of your files at once from a single location! You’ll find more about Foldr Universal Search here.

Hopefully by now you can see how Foldr can help you to make the most of your Office 365 subscription. If you’d like to know more please contact us or request a free trial now.

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