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Foldr server 4.6 released

No directory? No problem.

Since our very first release Foldr has relied solely on Microsoft Active Directory for authentication. This meant that Foldr could be deployed and in-use in next to no time because no additional user accounts were required.

But times change and increasingly we’re hearing from organisations who want to use Foldr but don’t have access to Active Directory. We’ve also heard from customers who want to provide secure access for users who are not in their Active Directory. Well, with Foldr 4.6 that’s now possible! Administrators can now create users and groups directly on the Foldr appliance itself meaning that you can get Foldr up-and-running with little more than a NAS box and/or some cloud storage. Of course you can still use AD – or mix the two!

This also opens up exciting possibilities for using external authentication providers. Look out for this in a forthcoming update.

Local Foldr accounts provide all of Foldr’s exciting features including sharing, password management and user self-service and single sign-on to any organisation, regardless of existing infrastructure. Local Foldr accounts can use the same web, mobile, Windows and macOS apps.

If you’re looking for a solution which brings together all of your on-premise and cloud storage – regardless of whether you have existing user accounts – then Foldr Gunpowder is the release for you. Click here to get started with a free trial

We’ve got a detailed Knowledge Base article which explains how you can get Foldr up and running with local accounts.

At Foldr HQ we like to codename releases after our favourite office tipple (the humble cuppa) and 4.6 is no exception. Foldr 4.6 “Gunpowder” is available for all Foldr appliances now. Head to your settings page to install the update.

Click here to read the detailed release notes.

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