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Introducing Foldr v4

Foldr v4 is here!

We’re excited to announce the release of Foldr v4, our biggest upgrade yet.

Our development team have been busy all summer crafting Foldr v4. This major upgrade introduces some great new features that we’re sure you’re going to love. In this article we’ll provide an overview of these with plenty of links below to help you find out more.

Here at Foldr HQ we welcome your feedback, so if you have any questions or suggestions get in touch with us via Twitter or email.

Finally, we’d like to extend a big ‘thank you’ to all of our beta testers, you’ve made Foldr v4 what it is today!



Google Drive and OneDrive integration


Unify your organisation’s Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Box cloud storage alongside your on-premise storage.  No more signing in to different systems hunting for a particular document, no more emailing files to yourself to access work from home.

Foldr presents all your work in a single interface. You can even move and copy files to transfer them between storage locations as if they were one! Bookmarks provide quick access to your most important files and folders across all of your storage, from any device.


G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education/Work) and Office 365 integration

Alongside integration with Google’s and Microsoft’s cloud storage, you can now use their associated productivity apps in Foldr.

Open and edit documents from any location in Office for Mac/PC, Office Online (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) or G Suite (Docs, Sheets & Slides).

For example, edit a PowerPoint presentation stored on your organisation’s file server in Google Slides. When you’re done, the document is saved back to its original location without being duplicated.

New sharing tools

Foldr v4 introduces a wealth of new sharing tools.  You can share files or folders with specific people or teams within your organisation. You can also share with the wider community using public links.Going one step further, you can create your own groups – ideal for project work. Either specify who’s in your group or allow them to join using a simple 5 digit code.

Foldr’s new shared folders, make collaborating with others in your organisation quick and easy. Specify who can access or edit your files and specify deadlines where appropriate. You can also create hand-in areas; Foldr will organise submitted work neatly by group – great for setting homework or receiving tender submissions.

When files and folders are shared with you, you’ll receive a notification in the new ‘Shared with Me’ area. Here you can browse everything that has been shared with you.

New web app

We’re really proud of our newly designed web app – it’s as powerful as it is elegant.

From your web browser you can create new Office documents, move files between your cloud storage locations and access the new sharing tools.

Edit Office documents in Office for Mac/PC, Office Online or G Suite (formally Google Apps).

This is great news for ChromeBook users as you now have easy access to your existing file servers alongside your Google Drive and OneDrive storage, something not readily available without Foldr.


Access your most important and frequently used files and folders in just a few taps.

Create a Bookmark to a file or folder and it will appear in the new Bookmarks section for quick and easy access.


asset-3‘Foldr for Gmail’ Chrome extension

Our new Chrome extension, is great for those who use ChromeBooks or the Chrome browser.

Save Gmail attachments to Foldr (not just Google Drive) and attach files from Foldr in just a few clicks.

Add Foldr for Gmail to Chrome at the Chrome Web Store.

Security and administration tools

We’ve been just as busy behind the scenes, with a redesigned server management interface.

Extensive new logging tools, provide a detailed view of user activity across your on-premise and cloud storage.

We’ve also introduced support for two factor authentication. Foldr administrators can require specific users and groups to authenticate using a one time code as well as their password. Two factor authentication can also be enforced based on a user’s location, such as when away from the school/business network.


Our new Active Directory password manager has been very well received by our beta testers. From any device you can now change your Active Directory password. Should your organisation implement expiring passwords (requiring you to reset your password every month, for example), you will be prompted to enter a new password when signing in to Foldr.

In addition we have introduced delegated password control. Your organisation can define password managers who can reset passwords for other users.

Support for Let’s Encrypt

Foldr uses HTTPS to ensure that your files stay secure between your servers and your devices. If you don’t already have an SSL certificate to use with Foldr you may find it an expensive and time-consuming process to acquire one.

Foldr v4 provides built-in support for Let’s Encrypt to provide signed SSL certificates at no charge with ongoing automatic renewal. This removes undesirable SSL trust warnings for your users on desktop and mobile devices.

In a few simple clicks your signed SSL certificate is installed and ready to use.


Large scale deployment tools

Finally, we are excited to announce two brand new features, server clusters and multi-tenancy. With these Foldr can now reside as happily in the data centre as it does on your local network.

Two or more Foldr servers can be combined to create a cluster providing increased performance and higher redundancy.

Multi-tenancy enables secure, segregated access for multiple organisations within a single Foldr environment – a great feature for IT Service Providers.

And best of all,  every one of these exciting new features are included at no additional cost.

Contact us today to discuss your server cluster and multi-tenancy requirements


Q How do I upgrade my server to Foldr v4?
A Foldr v4 represents a significant update and as such you will need to install and configure a fresh Foldr v4 appliance. Please contact to request your upgrade pack.

Q How do I setup my new Foldr v4 server?
A Our new support page has step by step instructions to setup your new Foldr v4 server. Our friendly help desk are here to assist too –

Q Is there a new iOS app for Foldr v4?
A Yes, our iOS app has been recently updated. You can download if from the App Store using this link. It has a new icon and is compatible with Foldr 3 and Foldr v4 servers.

Q Is there a new Android app for Foldr v4?
A Yes! Download the our new Android app from the Google Play Store today. With support for two factor authentication, password control and Google Drive / OneDrive integration, it’s now more powerful than ever.

Q We’re an existing Foldr subscriber, how much does the upgrade cost?
A Nothing! Current customers are eligible for the upgrade as part of their current subscription.

Q We currently use fLinks, how will these work once we’ve upgraded to Foldr v4?
A Foldr v4 introduces a range of powerful sharing tools. As part of this upgrade, fLinks have been retired. You can however create public links to files and folders as before.


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