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Managing your fLinks


One of Foldr’s most powerful features is called an fLink (pronounced “eff-link”). An fLink is a short URL that provides you with a way to share files or whole folders with others quickly and safely.

fLinks are a great way for students to submit work or co-workers to share sensitive documents. They also make it much easier to send large files or folders via email without coming up against attachment limits.

For a full explanation of how fLinks work please see this article.

fLinks at-a-glance

Tap the fLink icon in the bottom left of the screen to see all of your shared files and folders. This view also shows you the status of each shared item including number of downloads and whether or not the fLink to it has expired.


Shared fLinks

You can now open fLinks that have been shared with you either by entering its URL or by using the new built-in QR code reader. You are now able to browse shared folders and download resources to your device.



Your fLinks

Tap on one of your fLinks to see all of its details such as when it was shared, when it will expire and who has downloaded it. You can also copy the URL and QR code to share again. You can also clear out expired fLinks and delete any that you wish to stop sharing.

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