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Microsoft Office and Foldr for iOS 9 and later


  • Foldr for iOS installed from the App Store
  • Configured Foldr server
  • Word, Excel or PowerPoint app installed from the App Store
  • Qualifying Office 365 account

As of iOS 9, you no longer need to be signed into iCloud to access Foldr from other Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Once you have installed Word, Excel or PowerPoint from the App Store, launch your preferred app. Sign in with a paid for Office 365 account (please note that if you skip this step you will only be able to view documents and not edit them. If you sign in with a free Office 365 account will have limited options to import/export documents.)

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Saving a new Word document to Foldr

1. To save a new Word document to Foldr, tap the file icon and then “Save” (you will need to disable autosave) as shown.

2. Tap “More” and then log in to Foldr.


3. Choose the folder you’d like to save the document to and tap “MOVE HERE”.


4. The document will be saved to Foldr (a copy will not be left in Word).

Opening an existing Word document from Foldr

1. Tap “More” and then log into Foldr.

2. Navigate to the Word document you wish to open and tap the file.



3. Word will open the document for you to work with.

4. Once you close the document, Word will automatically save it back to Foldr (a copy will not be left in Word).

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